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Ready-Set-Connect Events

Our networking events are based on a speed dating format, so the event is timed and structured. It is fast, fun and very interactive.

Our networking events are much more personalised than an expo event and participants make lasting connections that extend beyond the event. Rather than an expo, where customers pick and choose which stands they visit and engage with, our events are based on a speed dating format so everyone spends time with everyone. The service provider has a captive audience and is guaranteed that event attendees are going to stop at their table and the event attendees are eager to learn more about their organisation.

Furthermore, the event attendees are generally Support Coordinators, Teachers, Linkers, Case Coordinators or Carers – people that have links to many people with NDIS plans. So speaking with one Support Coordinator for example, could mean you are reaching 15 plus people with NDIS plans.

The timing generally allows the service provider 5 minutes with each event attendee providing the opportunity for the service provider to give a brief spiel about their service or product, for the event attendee to ask any specific questions and to swap business cards. Any further discussion can be had at the end of the event or at a later time.

One Community have the belief that you never know what information you might discover from talking to a person or organisation. Our events open up communication channels and can even lead to cross collaboration and cross referral between service providers.

Our events are about quality not quantity. The events are structured so participants make lasting connections that extend beyond the event.

The maximum number of host tables at any event is 25, and the maximum number of participants that circulate the host tables is 50.

Events range in size depending on location. Metropolitan and large regional centres are usually booked out events with 25 service providers hosting tables, and 50 event attendees circulating the hosting tables. In these cases, there would be between 50-70 service providers represented in total.

In smaller regional areas, we expect around 12-18 service providers hosting tables, and 15-30 event attendees rotating the tables. In these cases, there would be 25-40 service providers represented in total.

The key role of a Support Coordinator is offering choice and control to their customers with NDIS plans. Therefore the Support Coordinator needs to keep abreast of current service providers and what they are offering. This entails considerable time spent researching on the internet, on the phone or via email. Our networking events get many local service providers in the same room, giving the opportunity for the Support Coordinator to undertake their local research in a matter of two hours. They also get to make direct contacts within service providers which saves time when trying to connect customers to that service provider.

Support Coordinators can also bill for their time if they are researching for specific NDIS participants and they have a current Support Coordination service agreement in place.

From July 1 2018 you will also be listed on our website under “Preferred Support Coordinators” with your name, organisation and contact details. We believe support coordinators who attend our events are continuing to update their knowledge of services in their community

Your table and chairs will be provided. Bring along a pull up banner, business cards, information about your service or product, marketing giveaways and product samples. Some people like to dress their tables with table cloths, flowers, lollies or chocolates. Also have a 2-3 minute spiel prepared that sells your service or product. You may wish to market your whole organisation or specific areas of your business that have vacancies or availability.
In addition to following the advice in question 5, to get the most out of the experience, we suggest that table hosts also have a staff member circulating the other host tables. This ensure you touch everyone at the event, and you can pass on more business cards and make more connections.

We have two types of Sponsorship, Platinum and Gold. Once registered as an Event Sponsor, you will be contacted and asked for your logo so we can display on the event page (platinum) on our website and/or on our event program (platinum and gold)

Benefits of a Platinum Sponsor:

  • Logo and contact details on event program
  • Large logo on website event page
  • MC blurb at beginning of event
  • Social Media story pre-event
  • Social media story at event
  • Social Media mention post event
  • Allocated Tables 1-2
  • Large logo and blurb on PowerPoint at event
  • Banners at entrance and near lectern

Benefits of a Gold Sponsor:

  • Logo on event program
  • Logo on website event page
  • MC mention during event
  • Social Media mention post event
  • Allocated Tables 3-5
  • Logo on PowerPoint at event

If you are a Platinum Sponsor, we will contact you two weeks prior to the event, you will be asked for a good news story and photo to share on the One Community Facebook page. You will also be asked for some information about your company and your point of difference that our MC will announce during the event and for some photos to be incorporated into the audio-visual presentation displayed throughout the event.

We will also mention all sponsors post event with event photos on social media.

At the event, your tables and chairs will be provided and set in a prime position. Bring along a pull up banner for your table, a pull up banner for the registration area, business cards, information about your service or product, marketing giveaways and product samples. Some people like to dress their tables with tablecloths, flowers, lollies, or chocolates.

The short answer is No. As an event attendee your involvement in the event is to listen and learn from the service providers. You can certainly exchange business cards but if you wish to actively promote your organisation, you will need to register as a table host.
Events are by registration only and can be done online at www.onecommunity.net.au
Enter your personal details online and when you get to the payment section, close out of the window. Then email info@onecommunity.net.au and we will be in touch with other payment options.
No, everyone is welcome to attend. We recognise that services and products are not all NDIS registered but can still provide a service to people with a disability.

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